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About Us

Dear Business Owner,

Welcome to began as a discussion about the challenges of the insurance business. Insurance is one of the last areas to realize the efficiencies and convenience of the Internet. In fact, the average insurance agency still operates pretty much as it has since the 1950s. That is, you call an insurance agency and are asked to complete mounds of paperwork before the agent will even quote your account. Even then, you are often forced to wait days, or even weeks, before you are provided with a price indication.

Combined, Bill and I have over 35 years of experience in different phases of the insurance industry. We have worked in claims, accounting, brokering and M&A. This diverse background led us to question the fundamentals of the insurance distribution process for small businesses. As business owners ourselves, we kept coming back to the same basic questions:

  • Why does it take so long to get a price indication for business?
  • Why does the small business owner have to provide so much information manually?
  • How can we fix this?

So, we re-evaluated the insurance purchasing process for business. As a result, we created a means for typical business owners like you to get an indication in 1 day (usually just hours) based on 20 simple questions. Then, if you would like to pursue the coverage – we then finalize the paperwork and close the sale right then either online or over the phone. You’d just need to fax us the signed application and deposit.

The end result is that we redesigned the insurance process to meet the needs of the “24/7/365” business executive such as you.

– Kevin M. Coughlin, Founder & CEO
– William F. Cleave, Founder & President